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Age of Cats in Human Years

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Have you ever gazed lovingly at your cat and wondered, “How old are you?” No? Well maybe you will after reading this post!

A popular misconception is that a cat year is equal to seven human years. In fact, feline aging is more rapid in the first two years of life. A cat will reach estimated human age of 15 years in their first year and then 24 years at the age of 2. And, each year after that, cat age is estimated as four years for each calendar year.

So, if a cat is 5 years old, it’s estimated that their age is 36 years for a human. There are actually documented cats that have exceeded 30 years, which translates to more than 126 years of human age!

Top tip: Cats who live ages outdoors far much quicker than one that lives outdoors.

Age of cats in human years

Here is a chart that represents the ages in years for cats (and dogs, too!). The information is from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Here’s an even further breakdown of a cat’s age:

Kitten age in human years

The first phase of six months of the kitten life is similar to human and feline years as follows:

  • The first month of kitten life is equivalent to one human year.
  • Two to three months for a kitten represent two to four years of human life.
  • The fourth month of a cat’s life represents six to eight years for humans.
  • Six months for cats represents ten years for humans.

Adolescent cat age in human years

This is the stage that cats begin to mature regarding sexuality and behavior until they reach two years old. Below is the explanation:

  • Seven to twelve months in your cat’s age represents twelve to fifteen years of human age.
  • Twelve to eighteen months for your cat represents seventeen to twenty years for humans.
  • Two years for cats is equivalent to 24 years for humans.

Adult cat age in human years

Cats reach maturity at three years of age.

  • At age three the cat is equivalent to 20 human years.
  • Four to six years for cats ranges from 30 to 36 years for humans.
  • At the age of six, the cat is 40 human years old.

Elderly cat age in human years

From age seven, the cat enters a progressive third age range. Cats may live for more than one hundred human years. Below is the calculation of equivalence of cat age in human years.

  • Seven to nine years for cats is equivalent to 43 to 50 years for humans.
  • Ten years for cats equals 56 human years.
  • Fifteen years for your cat is 75 human years.
  • Sixteen to 19 years for your the cat represents 90 to 92 human years.
  • Twenty to 22 years for your can represents 96 to 104 human years.twenty-two years.

So what are real indicators of cat’s age?

If you take in a stray cat or adopt one whose age is unknown, some indicators can tell you the age of the cat. Your veterinarian will look out for the following indicators to determine their age in cat years:

Teeth: The first indicator of a cat’s age is their teeth. Older cats have more staining than younger cats. Kitten teeth first develop between two to four weeks, with the permanent set emerging at around four months of age. You can assume that a cat with permanent white teeth is approximately one year old. Yellowing teeth will indicate that the cat is between one and two years, while tartar build-up is an indication that the cat is three to five years old. A cat who is missing teeth is likely a senior cat.

Muscle tone: Younger cats have muscle tone in their bodies because of their level of activity. Older cats will have some extra skin hanging, or protruding shoulder blades. They’ll appear bonier as well.

Coat: The other indicator is the cat’s coat. Younger cats have fine, soft coats while older cats will have coarser and thicker fur.

Eyes: Younger cats are endowed with clear, bright eyes without eye discharge. A cat with cloudy eyes is about 12 years old. Also, consider the cat is iris. Younger cat irises are smooth, while older cat’s irises will appear jagged.

How old is your cat in human years?

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