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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Ashburn Farm

Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Ashburn Farm

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VCA Herndon-Reston Animal Hospital

VCA Herndon-Reston Animal Hospital

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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Brambleton

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Veterinary Medicine Libraries in the United States (State-Wise List)


  1. Charles Allen Cary Veterinary Medical Library, Auburn University. Provides collections and services that primarily support the teaching, clinical applications, and research of the College of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn University. The collection maintains over 30,000 volumes and around 120 active paper serial subscriptions and has access to more than 7,000 online scholarly journals.
  2. T.S. Williams Veterinary Medical Library, Tuskegee University. Supports the clinical, research and instructional needs of the staff, faculty and students in the School of Veterinary Medicine. The collection contains over 35,000 volumes underlining clinical and veterinary medicine and science literature including books, reference sources, dictionaries, current scholarly journal subscriptions, journal titles in microfilm format, bound journals, and electronic resources.


  1. University Libraries, Midwestern University. Comprises a huge collection of information resources to help faculty, staff and students associated with Veterinary Medicine Program. The collection consists of E-journals, E-books, and databases of reports, directories and more.


  1. Carlson Health Sciences Library, University of California, Davis. Health Sciences Library at University of California is ranked among the top academic research libraries in North America. With around 10 million items in its collections, the Library serves the faculty, staff and students of UC Davis, the health care professionals of UC Davis Health and the citizens of California. Carlson Health Sciences Library, which is one of the four main libraries of UC Davis Library, serves the Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and the Dept. of Public Health Sciences.
  2.  San Diego Zoo Global Library, San Diego Zoo Global. Provides a large collection of veterinary and animal care books, videos, and journals to help San Diego Zoo Global staff with their research projects and questions. The collection consists of 12,000+ books, and 400+ print journal titles, as well as the Archives and rare books.


  1. Veterinary Teaching Hospital Library, Colorado State University. Resources and services for the hospital clients, general public, and CSU students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The collection consists of approximately 5,000 print books and journals, 115 electronic journals, and over 1,500 electronic books. The Library also contains archival and historical items, including photographs and materials from the history of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

District of Columbia

  1. National Zoological Park Library, Smithsonian Libraries. Established in 1898, the Library is one of the oldest at the Smithsonian. The Library supports research into the survival of species as well as the daily care and feeding of over 2,400 animals of 350 different species. The collections focus on topics such as comparative reproductive physiology, genetics, animal cognition, sustainability of endangered animal populations, endocrinology, biological diversity and conservation medicine.


  1. Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida. Assists the teachers, staff and students of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the UFL. The HSC libraries are also active partners in the education, research, training and clinical needs of the HSC colleges, centers and institutes, the University of Florida and the state.


  1. The Veterinary Medicine Reading Room, University of Georgia. Serves the needs of the College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff, and students. The services offered interLibrary loans, book and article deliveries from the Main and Science Libraries for faculty, class reserves, GALILEO and GIL, and instruction and orientation.


  1. Veterinary Medicine Library, University of Illinois. Provides a multitude of resources, both print-based and electronic, to support the teaching, research, and public service activities of the College of Veterinary Medicine as well as those in related departments across campus. The collection consists of books, journals, and other relevant resources on veterinary and animal science. In July 2007, the collection consisted of over 47,000 volumes of cataloged monograph volumes, audio-visual materials, bound periodicals, and theses from UIUC and other institutions. The Library also has a huge collection of veterinary dissertations from Germany.
  2. Library, American Veterinary Medical Association. Assists the Association staff and members with their reference questions, protect the copyright of AVMA publications, and preserve the history of the AVMA. The collection consists of around 5,000 books; more than 700 journals, magazines, and newsletters; and a historical collection of the materials published by the AVMA.


  1. Veterinary Medical Library, Purdue University. Serves both the faculty and students of the University.  It is one of 12 libraries in the Purdue University Libraries with specialized resources that provides comprehensive coverage of research in the field of veterinary medicine and more. The collection including books, e-books, journals, A/V materials and more.


  1. Veterinary Medical Library, Iowa State University. Provides useful information to students, faculty, and other researchers interested in veterinary medicine. The resources are available in the form of books, e-books, journals, guides and more databases of information. The Library also provides interlibrary loan and document delivery services.


  1. Veterinary Medical Library, Kansas State University. Provides services to faculty, staff, and students within the College of Veterinary Medicine. The collection includes books and journals related to veterinary medicine, basic biomedical sciences, and selected works in clinical medicine. The Library subscribes to around 875 journals.


  1. School of Veterinary Medicine Library, Louisiana State University. Provides quality scholarly resources, services, and instruction to support the education and research programs of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. The collection includes both print and electronic resources related to all aspects of veterinary medicine, as well as selected materials on human medicine, public health, comparative medicine, the animal sciences and other associated field.


  1. Webster Veterinary Library, Tufts University. Serves the faculty, staff and students of the Cummings School at Tufts University. It contains the largest collection of clinical veterinary medicine literature and resources in New England. The resources include books, journals, selective list of databases and other materials.


  1. Veterinary Medical Center Library, Michigan State University. Provides a huge database of resources to serve the faculty, staff and students of MSU. The collection consists of over 9000 biomedical and clinical electronic journals, evidence-based medicine point of care resources, databases for searching the research literature, e-books, research guides and more.


  1. Veterinary Medical Library, University of Minnesota. Provides information, resources, and services to support the education, research, clinical care, and outreach missions of the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The huge collection consists of books and journals on all aspects of veterinary medicine.


  1. College of Veterinary Medicine Branch Library, Mississippi State University. Supports the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medical Technology degree programs, veterinary research programs, and the CVM Animal Health Center. The collection comprises of over 16,000 books, reference works, and audiovisual media, over 300 print and 400 online journal titles, yearbooks and more.


  1. Zalk Veterinary Medical Library, University of Missouri. Serves the students, staff and faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine. It also supports the members of other subject disciplines that interact with veterinary medicine. The collection includes all aspects of veterinary medicine including pet therapy, animal welfare, human-animal interaction, animal law, veterinary practice management, pet bereavement, comparative medicine, and laboratory animals.

New York

  1. Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library, Cornell University. Founded in 1897, the Library serves the University’s undergraduate, graduate, clinical, and research programs. It holds an internationally recognized selection of materials in veterinary medicine and animal culture as well as publications in the biomedical sciences.

North Carolina

  1. William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University. Supports the education and discovery in veterinary medicine, life sciences, and animal and human health at North Carolina State University and clinical care provided through the College of Veterinary Medicine.


  1. Samuel and Marian Hodesson Veterinary Medicine Library, The Ohio State University. Serves the students, staff and faculty of Ohio University as well as Ohio veterinarians or veterinary consumers living in Ohio. The collection includes more than 30,000 print and electronic resources covering veterinary medicine, pharmacology, medicine, public health, physiology, anatomy, pathology, microbiology, and parasitology. It also contains information on practice management, ethics and animal welfare.


  1. William E. Brock Memorial Library, Oklahoma State University. Supports the faculty research and teaching with its huge collection of books, journal articles or other information resources. It purchases annual subscriptions to nearly 40,000 periodicals and research journals in electronic form to let OSU faculty and students easily access them.


  1. McDowell Veterinary Library, Oregon State University. Serves the faculty, students and staff of the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University. Apart from that, it also provides valuable resources on veterinary medicine to the rest of the OSU community, practicing veterinarians and the general public. The collection consists of print and electronic resources covering veterinary medicine and selected materials on human medicine, animal sciences and comparative medicine.
  2. Guin Library, Oregon State University. Contains the research and teaching collection of Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. The collection includes resources covering a broad range of marine-related topics including fisheries, oceanography, aquaculture, geology, environmental studies and biology.
  3. Isabel McDonald Library, Oregon Health & Science University. Serves the faculty, staff and students of OHSU, as well as health professionals and residents of the State of Oregon.  The resources are collected with a strong emphasis on current and historical works on primatology.


  1. Steven W. Atwood & Jean Austin duPont Veterinary Medicine Libraries, University of Pennsylvania. Supports faculty and students engaged in the health and healing of small animals. Librarians offer individualized consultations and database training sessions for researchers.


  1. Pendergrass Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine Library, University of Tennessee. Serves the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs as well as the public of Tennessee.  Its collections include resources related to animal care, agriculture, consumer sciences, gardening, cooking, and more.


  1. Medical Sciences Library, Texas A&M University. Helps students, faculty and staff with its comprehensive collection of books, articles, journals and more. It also provides services and resources for a successful research process including databases, research guides, subject experts in specific domain and more.


  1. Veterinary Medicine Library, Virginia Tech. Supports the students, faculty, and staff of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (VMCVM) across its three locations. The collection provides information services, access to collections, and additional resources to support the research programs and curriculum related to veterinary medicine and public health.


  1. Animal Health Library, Washington State University. Supports WSU’s teaching and research programs.  The collection consists of more than two million books and over 30,000 journal and magazine subscriptions. The resources are in the form of maps, media, microforms, ebooks, government publications, ejournals, archives, manuscripts, and special collections. Around 35,000 volumes are added to the collection every year. The Libraries also offer access to the full text of over 25,800 digital resources, including current books, journals, documents, and more.


  1. Steenbock Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Serves the teaching, research and scholarly activities of UW System students, staff, faculty, and the citizens of Wisconsin as well as visiting scholars. It has the 11th largest research collection in North America, which include more than 7.3 million printed volumes, 6.2 million microforms, 55,000 serial titles, 160 linear feet of manuscripts and over 7 million items in other formats, including government documents, maps, musical scores and more. Currently, there are more than 20,000 journals available electronically, as well as several e-books.

Veterinary Medicine Libraries Around the World