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VCA City Cats Hospital - Cats Only

VCA City Cats Hospital - Cats Only

665 Massachusetts Avenue | Arlington , MA 02476

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Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm
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  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Feline only practice
  • In-house Pharmacy
  • Ophthalmology (Eye Care)
  • Animal Boarding
  • Animal Flea Control
  • Animal Grooming
  • Animal Microchipping
  • Holistic Veterinary Medicine
  • Small Animal Vet
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Dentistry
  • Veterinary Euthanasia
  • Veterinary Medical Specialties
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Veterinary Vaccinations
  • Cats Only
  • New Pet Initial Visit
  • Physical Exam

VCA City Cats is a full-service, cat-only veterinary clinic servicing the neighborhoods of Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, Belmont, Watertown, Lexington and Medford. Our veterinary hospital offers checkups, dental and surgical procedures, cat boarding and a full line of cat food and retail products. We are proud to offer specialty services like feline acupuncture and ophthalmology.

We are dedicated to keeping your cat healthy and happy, so you can enjoy his or her company into their golden years. Since we only treat cats, we can concentrate totally on the treatment of and problems specific to cats. We believe cats need a place of their own where they can receive high-quality, uncompromising medical care.

Stress-free: cats aren't subjected to barking dogs or other threatening animals
State-of-the-art: cats are assured the latest diagnostic equipment for detecting problems without undue stress
Comfortable: cats feel safe and at home

Call us today for more information about our services and to schedule your cat's appointment!

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The Lobby at VCA City Cats Hospital The Lobby at VCA City Cats Hospital
Parasite Prevention for a Satisfied Client at VCA City Cats Hospital Parasite Prevention for a Satisfied Client at VCA City Cats Hospital
The Exam Room at VCA City Cats Hospital The Exam Room at VCA City Cats Hospital
We offer a wide range of pet nutrition foods for your feline pet We offer a wide range of pet nutrition foods for your feline pet
Welcome to VCA City Cats Hospital! Welcome to VCA City Cats Hospital!
The caring & experienced team at VCA City Cats Hospital The caring & experienced team at VCA City Cats Hospital
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Kathleen Leavey, DVM
Kathleen Leavey, DVM

Dr. Leavey received her DVM from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, and completed an internship at VCA South Shore in small animal medicine and surgery. Dr Leavey and her family share their home with a cat-sized dog named Fiona and 2 fun-loving cats, Roxy and Beemer.

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Rebecca Palmer, DVM
Rebecca Palmer, DVM

Dr. Rebecca Palmer received her DVM at the University of California at Davis in 2009 and started working at a feline-exclusive clinic in Southern California where she has been these past 4 years. She completed her International Veterinary Acupuncture Society classes in 2012 and is waiting her accreditation and loves the freedom to incorporate eastern philosophy into the practice of western medicine.

The cat has always fascinated and amazed her and working through school as a technician only solidified her wish to work exclusively with these magnificent animals. Elderly cats have a special place in her heart and working to keep them comfortable thru the aging process and helping owners understand their varying medical conditions is a welcomed job. Zippy, a Maine coon mix that traveled to California with Dr. Palmer and saw her through vet school and beyond, just passed in February at the ripe age of 23 ? years. He was a great friend and teacher and tolerated being her test subject for acupuncture on arthritic kitties.

Dr. Palmer and her husband are originally from the seacoast of NH and have spent the past 10 years in California. They are both very glad to be back in New England and look forward to exploring Boston and reconnecting with family and friends in the area. They share their new apartment with three feline roommates, Barnum, Mooshi, and Cleo, who still refuse to pull their weight with chores but are great bed warmers.

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Dr. Michelle Willis, Ophthalmologist
Dr. Michelle Willis, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Willis has been practicing ophthalmology for 2 decades. A graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada, she continued her veterinary education with an internship at Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine and completed her residency training in Comparative Veterinary Ophthalmology at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She has worked in New England for the past 10 years.

The cat has been a long-term personal and professional passion for Dr. Willis, from their behavior, unique set of ocular conditions, and very special relationship with their owners. A cat-specific ophthalmology service within a cat-only practice is intended to provide the feline owner with a unique option to pursue specialty eye care for their pet in as calm and stress-free an environment as possible. Dr. Willis hopes that this environment coupled with her own practice standards of generous client education and a holistic approach to each cat, will provide your clients with a high-quality veterinary specialty experience. In addition, Dr Willis has long-supported various local animal shelters by providing them with low-cost ophthalmology care.

Dr. Willis resides in Arlington with her husband, son, two cats and a dog. She enjoys hiking and and various outdoor activities. She is also actively involved with the parent association at her son's school.

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