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Rocky Point Animal Hospital

Rocky Point Animal Hospital

526 Route 25A # A | Rocky Point, NY 11778

Call 631-353-0083
Monday 9:00am - 7:00pm
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  • Animal Boarding
  • Animal Flea Control
  • Animal Microchipping
  • Declawing
  • Emergency Veterinary Clinic
  • Small Animal Vet
  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Dentistry
  • Veterinary Euthanasia
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Veterinary Vaccinations
  • New Pet Initial Visit
  • Physical Exam

At Rocky Point Animal Hospital, we believe our clients and their pets deserve the best. Our philosophy is to treat our patients, our clients, and our staff with compassion, respect, and integrity. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding veterinary care to your pet while building a foundation of respect and trust with you.

Compassionate – Understanding – Dedicated – Professional: These are just some of the ways in which the Rocky Point Animal Hospital has been described by our many clients. Established over 30 years ago, we are conveniently located in the heart of the Rocky Point business district. We pride ourselves in being the best at combining the highest quality veterinary care with the natural compassion and understanding you and your pets deserve. Our hospital has evolved into a progressive, flexible care center that tailors its services to the unique needs that you and your companions may have. We emphasize pain management and consider it a top priority in our patient care.

Rocky Point Animal Hospital has 3 full time veterinarians, and a large support team. Our experienced staff is diverse, and we maintain a commitment to quality. Digital x-rays, on-site laboratory diagnostics, and complete paperless record keeping, enable us to meet or exceed the profession’s service standards in medicine, surgery, and emergency care. We also provide and emphasize wellness plans, senior pet care, early detection of disease and preventative medicine. Our progressive approach to spay and neutering, and dental health ensures that your pet will receive the best possible comfort and safety while staying at our hospital.

In addition, each team member has their own unique talents and personalities, enabling us as a whole to touch on those special needs that you may want to address, such as canine behavior, special feline medicine, and wildlife interests. Beyond our professional expertise, you will not only feel confident that your pet is receiving the best veterinary care, you will also know that we understand and promote the importance of that special connection between you and your companion – another top priority at our hospital.

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Our friendly staff! Our friendly staff!
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Dr. Richard Caputo
Dr. Richard Caputo

Dr. Caputo was born and raised in Astoria, New York, and settled in Sound Beach 25 years ago. He earned his bachelor of chemical engineering in 1984 and a master of chemical engineering with a full fellowship in 1985, both from Manhattan College. Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Caputo interned in 1983 at I.B.M. and at Exxon Mobil in 1984, and then worked for Grumman Aerospace from 1985 to 1987.
In 1991, he received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Cornell University. He has 20 years of veterinary experience as a general practitioner and surgeon, with 8 years of experience in veterinary emergency medicine at two respected Suffolk County emergency hospitals. Dr. Caputo has special interests in canine nutrition, emergency medicine, and canine behavior, and he is a contact person and owner of the rare breed Chinook dog, an animal used in dog sledding.
His interests away from the hospital include skiing, boating, fitness training, and dog training

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Dr. Chris Cangeleri
Dr. Chris Cangeleri

Dr. Cangeleri earned his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. He was inspired to become a veterinarian after spending time as a wildlife rehabilitator. He works closely with the Wildlife Center of the Hamptons providing medical, surgical, and diagnostic support, as well as participation in fundraising efforts.
When he is not at the hospital, Dr. Cangeleri is also musician and singer.

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Dr. Karen Kahn
Dr. Karen Kahn

Dr. Kahn was born and raised on Long Island. She received her bachelor of arts in biology and animal communication from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and earned her doctor of veterinary medicine from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003.
From 1992�2000, she worked for different types of veterinary hospitals around the country learning about the profession and the business and volunteered at Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she assisted with surgeries on California sea otters. During her time at Auburn, she received an award for research on the human�animal bond from Phi Zeta, the Honor Society of Veterinary Medicine; worked with a campus feral cat trap-neuter-return project; helped in a research project to develop non-surgical sterilization for cats; was president of the Animal Welfare Action Committee; and co-authored an article in J.A.V.M.A. titled �Healthy People 2010�New Opportunities for Veterinary Medicine in the 21st century.�
Dr. Kahn began working at Rocky Point Animal Hospital in the spring of 2003 and has a special interest in feline medicine.

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Dr. Amy Morgenstern
Dr. Amy Morgenstern

Dr. Amy Sarah Morgenstern graduated from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. She is a life-long New York State resident who was happy to return to the metropolitan New York area and her family after completing an internship in small animal medicine and surgery in Tucson, Arizona.

During her college years Dr. Morgenstern was an SPCA volunteer and canine foster parent as well as an animal keeper for the Cayuga Nature Center. While in Tucson, she worked with The Hermitage Cat Shelter's spay/neuter program and the Reid Park Zoo, developing professional interests in emergency medicine, exotic pets, shelter medicine, and behavior modification.Dr. Morgenstern has worked at several emergency hospitals.

Dr. Morgenstern adopted one of her foster dogs, a bloodhound named Peter Smoosh Face and she spends her free time hiking, playing ball, and snuggling with Pete. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and ice hockey.

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