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Progressive Animal Hospital

Progressive Animal Hospital

149 Route 202 | Somers, NY 10589

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Welcome to Progressive Animal Hospital!
At Progressive Animal Hospital, your pet will receive warm, personal attention and the most advanced veterinary care available today. In addition to providing all veterinary services, we incorporate holistic therapies into your pet's care when appropriate, including traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. We also can perform genetic testing so potential diseases and chronic conditions can be detected early and prevented or treated. We encourage you to visit if your pet has a chronic condition, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, incontinence, urinary tract infections, asthma, or allergies, which are best treated with a combination of Western and Eastern therapies.

We also are attentive to your needs. We offer convenient hours, animal drop-off appointments, and online services, such as scheduling appointments, requesting prescription refills, and viewing your pet's health records. You'll have access to veterinary specialty services, such as veterinary dentistry, ultrasound evaluation, echo cardiology, and orthopedic surgery. We invite you to talk to us. You'll discover how Progressive Animal Hospital can contribute to your pet's overall well-being and health.


Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday 8:30AM - 7:00PM
Tuesday 8:30AM - 1:00PM
Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 1:00PM
Thursday and Sunday Closed

After-Hours Emergencies
Live Answering Service 24/7 for Progressive Animal Hospital. Dr. Frishman is on call and will refer unstable cases.

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Dentistry before and after Dentistry before and after
Dr. Frishman Reviews Radiographs Dr. Frishman Reviews Radiographs
Dr. Frishman Searches for worms Dr. Frishman Searches for worms
Progressive Animal Hospital Progressive Animal Hospital
Broken leg before surgery Broken leg before surgery
Repaired leg with stabilizing Pin After Repaired leg with stabilizing Pin After
We love Progressive Animal Hospital!! We love Progressive Animal Hospital!!
Dr. Frishman With New Puppy Dr. Frishman With New Puppy
Penn Hip x-rays Penn Hip x-rays
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Andrew Frishman
Andrew Frishman

<br/> Andrew Frishman, D.V.M.
<br/><br/>Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
<br/><br/>Certificate of Proficiency in Western Herbs
<br/><br/>As an advanced biology student in high school and college, Dr. Frishman marveled at the similarities between human and animal cells and anatomy. When he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Lehigh University, he decided to become a veterinarian, earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Today, he still approaches veterinary medicine from a scientific perspective. He scrutinizes the latest developments in veterinary care, and when he's convinced of their value, he adopts them. As a result, his Progressive Animal Hospital offers the most advanced veterinary diagnostic practices and care available today.
<br/><br/>Because of his interest in holistic health, Dr. Frishman studied how it could be used to enhance veterinary care, particularly when treating chronic conditions. He became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist by attending the Chi Institute, and earned a Certificate of Proficiency in Western Herbs from the Australian College of Phytotherapy. He also is one of the first veterinarians in Westchester-Putnam to offer Pulsed Signal Therapy to treat osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal disorder as well as genetic testing to identify and prevent disease and chronic age-related illness, particularly in breeds predisposed to specific maladies.
<br/><br/>Dr. Frishman says advances in veterinary pharmaceuticals give him more options than ever in curing acute disease, but he believes long-term use of synthetic drugs to treat chronic conditions can have toxic side effects. Therefore, whenever possible, he uses milder, traditional medicines and diet to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, incontinence, asthma, or allergies. He also uses acupuncture and Pulsed Signal Therapy when appropriate.
<br/><br/>Dr. Frishman has a life-long attachment to Westchester. He grew up in Chappaqua, N.Y., and was graduated from Horace Greeley High School. He and his wife now live in Somers, N.Y. In addition to his practice, Dr. Frishman is an Adjunct Professor at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., where he teaches domestic animal anatomy and comparative anatomy. He also provides veterinary services to keep classroom animals parasite- and infection-free at the Greenburgh Graham School, where his wife teaches special education. Away from the job, Dr. Frishman is a jazz enthusiast and amateur saxophonist, and a windsurfer who hits the beach every chance he gets.

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