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Pet Spotlight for Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Studies have shown that older pets have a hard time being adopted than their younger counterparts. However, there are benefits to adopting an older pet, including that they’re calmer, and easier to take care of.

To mark this month we’re shining a spotlight on senior pet adoptions. Here’s a story from Redditor Chudfacee about Sprocket, a Chihuahua:

I was checking my local pet ads to look at all the cute pets and I kept noticing week after week this chihuahua kept getting re-listed. It had been about 6 months and the ads started changing to “urgent.” He was homed at a high kill shelter. I decided to call the shelter about him. Apparently he had a bad tooth infection and nobody wanted him. The lady told me he had been there for 4 years and nobody knew how old he was. He was literally sleeping on his pee pad and he would swallow his food whole because he couldn’t chew.

So I adopted him even though I didn’t quite have room for him. I took him to the vet, cost me $1,700 to have all of his teeth pulled. Then the magic happened. After his surgery he became a new dog, He would run and smile and rip around like a fox. He no longer had tears in his eyes and he started to bond with me. Fast forward a couple years and he is my best friend. I will never ever not adopt from now on, it was the greatest feeling in the world seeing the results of giving a dog a second chance that no one else would.

No one knows exactly how old he is, I’m guessing around 12-13.

The very first day that I got him, he slipped through a hole in the gate and he took off down the street, I was literally running after him with bare feet in my underwear. He finally stopped running and fell over because he was too tired to run anymore. I remember picking him up and whispering “it’s gonna be all better now buddy, you’re in good hands” it took a few days of warming up but he started to come out of his shell. He’s got a brother “Lou” and a sister “Glitzy” and with their help he had a new pack.

He started to enjoy the usual dog things, laying in the sun, chewing on oversized bones, getting all the head scratches. His favorite toy is just a tied up plastic grocery bag. I rolled it into a knot and he just caries it around with him everywhere. I think the fact that he has no teeth makes it feel good to chew on his gums. He has his usual spot on the top of the couch by the window where he can see everything while getting a nice tan. All in all watching him go from a scared, jerky, timid dog to a outgoing, spry, happy puppy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. He truly is a blessing.

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