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Horse Resources


Horse Resources | Veterinarians.com

Horse Resources

Learn More About Horses

General Resources

Horses are amazing animals that delight people of all ages, races, and demographics. Since the first time horses became domesticated around 3,000 BC, these animals have carried

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golden retriever


Ultimate Guide to Golden Retrievers | Veterinarians.com

Ultimate Guide to Golden Retrievers

Everything You Need to Know About Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are the perfect, joyful, and lovable companions. They fall into a category of dogs that make us ask, “What did we ever do to d

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facts about horses 1


All About Horses | Veterinarians.com

All About Horses

Loved by many, horses and humans have enjoyed a strong bond which dates back to ancient times. At first horses were hunted, but humans learned to tame and ride them. From there the horse helped transform how people got around

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what yo  need to know about pet food ingredients


What's Really In Your Pet's Food? | Veterinarians.com

What’s Really In Your Pet’s Food?

What You Need to Know About Pet Food Ingredients

Feeding their pets with a high-quality diet is one of the top priorities of pet owners. As such, they don’t mind spending a good fortune on

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fascinating animal kingdom facts


Classifying Critters | Veterinarians.com

Classifying Critters

6 Fascinating Animal Kingdom Facts You Might Not Know

Animals: they come in different shapes and sizes, with varying colors and a breadth of breeds. At last count, a whopping 8.7 million species of animal we

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aloe vera poisonous plants to cats


Poisonous Plants to Cats and Other Animals | Veterinarians.com

Poisonous Plants to Cats and Other Animals

10 More Plants That Are Poisonous to Cats and Other Animals

Plants certainly make one of the prettiest home decorations. But did you know not all of them are safe for your pets? That’s true!

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A List of Animal Sounds Around the World | Veterinarians.com

A List of Animal Sounds Around the World

Here’s a List of Animal Sounds in Other Languages

Have you ever wondered if other cultures translate sounds as well as words? More specifically, the noises animals make?

For instance, does e

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types of pet spiders for beginners


How to Keep Pet Spiders | Veterinarians.com

How to Keep Different Types of Pet Spiders

Pet Spiders for Beginners: Qualities, Advantages, and Types of Pet Spiders

Although not for everyone, many children and adults enjoy raising spiders, also known as arachnids, as pets. Pet tarantula

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separation anxiety in dogs


Separation Anxiety in Dogs | Veterinarians.com

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How to Manage Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in our beloved pets is an all too common occurrence. If you are experiencing it with your dog, rest assured, you’re not alone. In this article, we

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panda cam


Eyes On The Animals | Veterinarians.com

Eyes On The Animals

Best Places to Watch Animal Livestreams Online

Watching live video streams of animals undisturbed in their natural habitat has become a growing preoccupation for animal lovers around the world. With new technology such

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