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Mobile Veterinarians: 3 Advantages

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Mobile veterinarians are a new concept for most pet owners. These are veterinarians who make house calls. They might have one car or a fleet, and some may also have traditional facilities. Many traveling clinics are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and can do everything from blood tests to spay and neuter surgery. There are even veterinarians who visit homes to provide end-of-life care.

There are some advantages when you have your veterinarian come to your home as opposed to going to their office. Here are a few:

Mobile veterinarians can reduce anxiety. If you’ve ever had a dog that tries to run and hide the instant they find out there’s a veterinary clinic in their future, a mobile vet is a great solution. Many pets get anxious in a hospital environment. Animals are sensitive, and while they might be just fine at doggy daycare, they know that a veterinary visit isn’t the same thing. Fearful cats are especially notorious for freezing up when transported to unfamiliar places. A mobile veterinarian is also a great option for bird owners, as birds can be prone to stress-related illness and behaviors and are sensitive to airborne bacteria.

When a pet is anxious, their immunity is at a low. So, there’s a chance that they could pick up a communicable disease. With a home vet, the odds of this are greatly decreased. There’s also the added advantage of no unpleasant encounters with other pets.

Your pet will be observed in its natural environment. While in your home, a veterinarian can observe conditions you might not consider. Have you puppy-proofed your house? Are there toxic plants around? A trained eye can spot things that you might have overlooked. Plus, if you have additional pets, it’s a good opportunity for the veterinarian to have a look at them, too. Even if your other pet seems healthy, a veterinarian might notice something in passing.

You don’t have to leave your house. You may not want to drive, or not be able to. Maybe you don’t have a car or have small children and aren’t able to get out of the house. It’s possible that you have a hectic schedule and can’t possibly fit another thing in. Having a veterinarian come to you can save time and reduce logistical headaches.

Of course, mobile veterinarians aren’t a perfect solution all the time. There might not be many in your area, and because they can see fewer patients than a brick and mortar clinic, it may be difficult to get an appointment. It also could cost you more than a regular veterinary visit, and there’s a possibility services could be limited. But you save on gas money to get there, and it’s difficult to put a price on all the advantages. A mobile veterinarian can offer a seamless, low-stress visit for your pet, and as a result, can be easier on you.