Widely regarded as the “first designer dog,” the Cockapoo is a cute, love-able dog. It has a bubbly personality and is quite comfortable in social situations — especially around children. The Cockapoo was created by crossing an American or English Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. It embodies the innate and physical characteristics of both breeds. This little dog packs a lot of love and energy in a compact body.

Brief History

The Cockapoo was created in America in 1960 and went on to become one of the most popular mixed breed dogs in the world. Known as a Spoodle in Australia, it is a cross between two beautifully looking and social dogs — the American or English Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Due to their mixed heritage, Cockapoos are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a legitimate dog breed. Despite this, generations of this little dog have been developed by breeders over time with an attempt to finally establish them as an original breed.

cockapoo dog

Physical Features

The Cockapoo is an attractive little dog. It has a relatively soft coat of fur that does not shed, but requires regular grooming. The dog is small in stature and has smart, bright eyes. Their small size makes them the perfect dog for apartment and city living.

Average Height:

14-15 inches

Average Weight:

12-24 pounds

Life Expectancy:

13-20 years


The Cockapoo has a cool and friendly temperament. It is slow to react aggressively and forgives quickly. Cockapoos love to show off their agility by running, jumping and rolling over. This dog enjoys human company and will also perform well around other dogs. The Cockapoo is often used as a therapy dog.

Special Needs

Since this dog is supremely social, it does not enjoy being alone for long periods of time. Cockapoos will develop social anxiety if repeatedly isolated. If you can’t be home enough to help your pup with this, consider adopting a companion for them.

Possible Health Concerns

The Cockapoo is generally a healthy dog. It may, however, develop some health issues. One of these is the laxating patella. This is a knee joint issue which affects many dog breeds.

In addition, Cockapoos can develop certain eye problems such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy where the retina gradually deteriorates over many years. This may lead to visual difficulty and eventually, blindness.

The luxating patella and Progressive Retinal Atrophy can be avoided through careful breeding.

One of the more attractive features of the Cockapoo is its floppy ears. Owners should also be aware that this feature will also make them prone to issues such as mites, yeast infections and bacterial infection as well. To avoid this, clean the dog’s ears every week.


Being quite an active dog, the Cockapoo requires regular, consistent exercise. This is to prevent restlessness and ensure good overall health. Exercise can be accomplished through walks in the park, running through a doggy obstacle course or even a jog around the block. Two exercise sessions every day is ideal for the Cockapoo.


The Cockapoo has an attractive coat that can be quite silky and curly. Regular brushing is necessary to keep it smooth and free of matting.

Well known for its lovely nature, beautiful coat and glitzy origin, the Cockapoo is a wonderful dog. They are known for being sociable and can fit in a variety of human and dog environments. 

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