Are Human Shampoos Safe for Pets

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Are Human Shampoos Safe for Pets?..

Do your dog’s feet smell like Fritos? Does your cat have litter clinging to his legs? These are signs your furry friend needs a bath.

If you want to wash the Frito smell off your dog, but don’t have any dog shampoo handy, the tempt...

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The Most Loyal Dogs

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The Most Loyal Dogs..

Why Are Dogs Loyal?

Founder of All Things Dogs


Whether you’re scouring the internet researching puppy temperaments for your new addition or you are telling your new neighbor how good Fido is; chances are, you’ll e...

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Breathing Problems in Dogs and Cats

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All cat owners know cats are independent creatures and do not require a lot of your time. Cats love to sleep and hide in safe places; however, they also want and need attention. They need scratching posts, climbing towers, feeding, grooming and oth...

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How to Add a Dog to a Family That Already Has Pets

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How to Add a Dog to a Family That Already Has Pets..

At some point, there’s a good chance you’ll think about adding a dog into your furry family. While a dog can be a welcomed part of the family, some of your pets may not adjust easily to the newcomer. Their first encounter can have unpre...

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Why Do Dogs Lick Paws



For our canine friends, paw licking can be a grooming habit. This is often seen when dogs have been out for a long walk in rugged conditions, or it might be part of their daily groom.

However, it might also be an indication of something else. If...

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A Guide to Pet Wellness Programs

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A Guide to Pet Wellness Programs..

Whether you’re new to pet ownership, or you’ve always had a furry friend in the family, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to need good pet healthcare.

Preventive care is so important for pets, just as it is f...

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How do I Find Veterinarians Near Me

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How do I Find Veterinarians Near Me?..

Just like having a good doctor is important to humans, finding the right veterinarian is just as important for our pets. You’ll want to ensure you have a good medical team around you for the long term. Choosing the right medical professional ...

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5 Diseases You Can Get From Your Cat

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5 Diseases You Can Get From Your Cat..

With their cute furry paws and adoring faces, it’s no surprise that cats are the most popular type of pet in the country, after fish.

From their subtle purrs, to the discreet face licks, cats certainly like to share their affection for the...

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Upset Stomach in Dogs and Cats

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There’s nothing more upsetting than seeing a family member unwell, and cats and dogs are no exception. However, gastrointestinal upset will happen from time to time as part of an active pet’s natural life.

Keep in mind that unlike ot...

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History, Best Practices, Dog Treat Recipes

Considered as extensions of the family, passionate dog owners will go to great lengths to pamper their pooches. As such, dog treats have become big business in the industry. But more than just a Scoob...

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