Zoology Resource Guide | Veterinarians.com

What Is Zoology? A Beginner’s Guide

A zoologist is a life scientist who specializes in the study of animals. These animal studies may take place either in a laboratory or in an animal’s natural environment. A zoologist will learn h

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sea otter


Fun Facts About Sea Otters | Veterinarians.com

17 Things You Might Not Know About Sea Otters

Sea Otters are one of the most charming and cutest creatures on Earth. They are adorable, clever and intelligent enough to make efficient use of tools, a quality which is found in rare creatures

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whippet puppies

Dogs Articles

What Are Whippets? | Veterinarians.com

All About Whippets and Whippet Puppies

A Whippet is a dog breed that is part of the sighthound family, although they often are mistaken for greyhounds. They are slender and have a light gait. These dogs are playful and friendly, and they have

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golden retriever with toy

Dogs Articles

All About Golden Retrievers | Veterinarians.com


The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands in the 1800’s where hunting was not only a revered sport, but a necessary way to find food. Lord Tweedmouth developed the Gol

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Summertime Pet Care: Safe Tick Removal

Pet Health From Our Vets Articles

Summertime Pet Care: Safe Tick Removal | Veterinarians.com


Ah, yes……..for some people and pets in many parts of the United States the summer of 2014 was a most welcome change after a record winter of snow and artic cold. We couldn’t wait to hit

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Preparing for Winter

From Our Vets Articles

Preparing for Winter | Veterinarians.com

Winter storm Cato is heading up the east coast, and is expected to bring the first snow fall of the season to many cities. These conditions give us pause to consider the preparation for and well-being of our pets during these times of extreme weath

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pet pug getting a vaccination


Pros and Cons of Pet Vaccinations | Veterinarians.com

Pros and Cons of Pet Vaccinations

Our pets are part of our family. We invest time and money to ensure that they are happy and healthy at all times. As soon as you bring a new pet home, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that it

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bring your dog-home

Dogs Articles

Your Dog and You: A Guide to Happiness | Veterinarians.com

7 Things to Do When You Bring Your Dog Home

Having a dog is a big commitment. Many dog owners regard these loyal creatures as part of the family.

When introducing a dog to its new home, keep in mind that your new companion is still unfami

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animal myths and-fables


Animal Myths & Fables | Veterinarians.com

5 Animal Myths to Brighten Your Day

It’s no doubt that animals are fascinating creatures that hold a lot of mysteries. And with lots of interesting stories and speculations surrounding their existence, it becomes sometimes difficult to

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service and therapy dogs

Dogs Articles

Service and Therapy Dogs | Veterinarians.com

What are Service and Therapy Dogs?

Service dogs

Service dogs are dogs trained to be of assistance to those with disabilities. They are trained to handle specific needs of their handlers. They are also called assist dogs, support dogs, or he

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