The Best Dog Agility Resources

Agility is one of the most popular dog sports in the world. Dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes can be trained in this sport. Since it’s one of the more complicated dog sports, it requires a lot of training to accomplish correctly. It also takes a lot of trust between dogs and their owners to be able to do it right. A dog has to trust their owner as they are taken through courses where they can become injured if they do not follow instructions. As they get more experienced, dogs become more confident in both themselves and their owner, bonding them together closely. It’s also a great way to bond because the dogs will feel that the agility training is more like play than work, meaning they spend a lot of their time “playing” with their owner. However, it’s important that dog owners know how to do it properly because it can be a negative experience for both parties if it’s not done right.

These links should help people to begin training their dog to run agility courses.