Lost Pet Online Resources

Losing a pet can be devastating, especially when you don’t really know what to do next. Time is of the essence when you are looking to recover a four legged friend that is lost. For those who don’t know where to start, here are helpful tips and resources on recovering your lost pet before it is too late.

Start Right Away

Start right away on the search for your pet. As soon as you discover that he or she is missing, begin printing up lost pet posters and browsing various lost pet resources online.

Visit the Local Shelter

Many times people that find lost pets will turn them over to the local shelter. There is a window of time when a pet may be recovered by their rightful owner before steps are taken to find them a new home. You can find your local humane society or animal shelter by searching at Pets 911.

Have Pictures of Your Pet Handy at All Times

If you don’t have a recent picture of your pet, it may be difficult to get any results from lost pet posters or ads online. Always try to have a recent picture of your pet, just in case.

Walk Your Neighborhood

Often times, dogs and cats stay in the vicinity of their homes when they get away. Although they may not respond to your call at first, take a walk around your neighborhood often and call their name. They may just pop out at you. Pets are confined to a home and when the opportunity for adventure presents itself many pets are sure to seize it.

Talk to Your Neighbors

It is possible that your neighbors may have found your pet but don’t know how to return it. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and leave pictures and phone numbers. Remember to always be courteous,

Online Resources for Finding Lost Pets

If all else fails, take the search for your pet to the World Wide Web. It’s how people connect, and utilizing such a huge resource greatly increases your chances of finding your pet.

Craigslist – Post an ad in the lost and found section. Include a picture and contact information.

Fido Finder – A lost and found database for dogs.

Lost and Found – Find your pet by searching online for ads and posting an ad

Dog Detective – A database of lost and found dogs.

Cats in the Bag – Resources for finding lost cats, particularly indoor ones.

Bird Hotline – Resources for locating lost birds.

Awol Pet – Help with finding pets that have rabies tag, microchips, etc.

Lost Paws – Reuniting pets with their owners

Lost and Found Now – Free lost pet listings

Pets Missing in Action – Free help to owners of lost pets with free lost pet listings

Sherlock Bones – Professional help finding lost dogs

Finding a Pet – Outside of the U.S.

Pet Finders – This site applies to all the continents where such services are made available.

Get Me Home – Resources for finding a lost pet in Canada

Canada Strays – Help in finding lost pets in Canada

Missing Pets Register – Finding lost pets in the United Kingdom

Missing Pets – Free help with lost pets worldwide

Operation KONA – Finding lost pets in Canada and the U.S.

More Advice

Still at a loss as to how to find your best friend? Take a look at these resources, as they may provide new ideas on how to locate your lost pet.

The Humane Society of the United States – How to find a lost pet

How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog – Advice on locating your missing pet

Make Use of Community Resources

In addition to the resources listed above, finding a lost pet can also be accomplished with the help of posting ads in local newspapers.

Prevention is Key

Prevention is a lot easier than trying to locate a lost pet. Make sure that your dogs are always leashed. If possible, keep your cat indoors. Make sure that all doors and windows are tightly closed and locked, as some animals are great amateur escape artists.