10 Crazy World Records Set by Animals

If you always dreamed of getting in the Guinness Book of Records, then you might want to start preparing. It seems competition is tough and not just with humans — there’s a whole host of world records set by animals!

Curious to find out more, we’ve selected the ten most inspiring and crazy records that animals have set below:

1. Dunkin Bunnies. Harlem Globetrotters baller Zeus McClurkin might hold the human record for most basketball slam dunks in a minute (15 in total). But Bini is his bunny equivalent! This formidable rabbit holds the record in the animal kingdom for achieving seven slam dunks in a minute. Hailing from California this Holland Lop rabbit even has his own Twitter following and growing fanclub.

2. Dog on a Rope. You can teach an old dog new tricks it seems! Ozzy, a Border Collie/Kelpie cross holds the world record for the fastest dog crossing a tightrope. This daredevil feat was set in 18.22 seconds on 1 February 2013, at an animal rescue center in Norfolk, England.

3. Fur-some! Morgan Hill in California was put firmly on the map, when Franchesca the English Angora rabbit become the cutest fur ball in the world, when she was crowned winner of the longest rabbit fur at 14.27 inches! Her proud owner Dr Betty Chu says that she’s often confused with a dog owing to her divine fluffiness!

4. The Purrrrrrfect Cat! We all know that cats purr, but a 13-year-old rescue cat from Devon in the UK has taken it to new heights. This adopted animal has the loudest recorded purr, measuring 67.8 decibels and setting a new world record. Owner Tracy, said: “Occasionally when he’s really loud I have to repeat myself. When you’re watching films you have to turn the telly up or put him out of the room, if he’s eating he’ll purr loudly.”

5. Jumping Truffles. Everyone loves fluffy animals, but more than just cute, some guinea pigs have a unique athletic ability. Truffles is the perfect example of this, as the wee Scotsman is also a champion jumper. He set a new world record for the longest jump by the species, achieving a stretch of 48 cm, beating his predecessor Diesel!

6. Pup-stars! Setting a new world record back in February 2008, Anastasia the Jack Russell Terrier become the fastest dog to pop 100 balloons in succession. It took an impressive 44.49 seconds in total! The proud owner and pup were on the ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ show in Los Angeles, at the time.

7. Who’s a Clever Boy Then. Parrots are entertaining pets, and none more so than Skipper Blue the Macaw. Trained by owner Wendy Horton from Los Angeles, Skipper Blue flew in to fame by placing the most rings on a target by a parrot. In all, he moved 19 rings in one minute, now that’s something to squawk about!

8. This Little Piggy. Pigs don’t fly, but they can certainly jump! In August 2004, this was put to the test when Kotetsu, a pot-bellied pig from Japan, achieved the world record for the highest jump. The 18-month piglet achieved a length of 70cm, which put Mokumoku Tedsukuri Farm firmly on the map!

9. A Snail’s Pace. Throwback to 1995; Norfolk, England. The World Snail Racing Championships (yes, such a thing exists) takes place every year, with more than 150 snails competing for first place. But the all-time record holder for the competition is Archie, who completed the course in a flashy two minutes.

10. Far Out! Arabella and Anita are two female cross spiders that have reached new animal heights, quite literally. The pair of spiders were sent into space in 1973 for a series of experiments. Their efforts resulted in earning the title for the highest spider web, and first spider web in space. And for the record, the trial found that the silk had a different thickness too.