Listen to Wild Animal Sounds

There are close to 9 million species of animals on the planet. Many of these animals make distinct noises which can be interesting and fun to hear.

Since you can’t necessarily capture all these sounds in your own backyard, it’s great to leverage the power of the internet. Quite a few sites provide an array of animal sounds for you to listen to.

Of course you can search Google to hear several dozen animal sounds, including both domestic and wild species. Hear what a rattle snake sounds like so you know how to avoid them in the wild, as well as a robin or even a dinosaur.

On SeaWorld’s website you can find a few dozen animal sounds, including non-aquatic ones like a gray wolf and a lamb. Of course, there are many varieties of seal, seal lion, whale, and dolphin sounds for you to enjoy.

sounds of the animals

Video producers, musicians, and many others use, a resource for free sound effects, sound clips, and more. The website has a page dedicated solely to animal sounds. You can find plenty of domestic animals like small and large dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, cows, roosters, and more. Wild animals include butterflies, an angry chipmunk, numerous bird calls, roaring lions, and even environments like wetlands for a more immersive experience.

Listen to Sounds of the Animals

Zapsplat, another resource for royalty-free sounds and music, also has an extensive library of animal sounds. The site allows you to browse through the sounds, which often are more than just one animal, such as roosters and hens on a farm, or a pack of wolves howling close by. You can also click on the links for specific animal groups, like horses, big cats, primates, dogs, or cattle, to name a few.

Access over 400 different animal sounds through As the name indicates, you won’t need to pay for these sounds, and they’re all available for personal non-commercial projects. Either browse through the long list of options or click on the type of animal to filter out all other options.

If you’re just looking for North American bird songs, Nature Songs has an extensive library. They’re even sorted by bird orders, so you’re able to find what you need quickly.

Test your animal sounds listening skills at ESL Lab’s animal sounds test. It’s a fun way especially for kids to see how much they know on the subject.