Sunday, October 12, 2014, marked the first day of National Veterinary Technician Week. Veterinary Technicians are dedicated animal hospital professionals, who provide the ultimate care for your four-legged friends, your pets. They perform a multitude of tasks around any animal hospital to enhance the health and welfare of your special family member.

Veterinary Technicians, fondly referred to as Vet Techs, bring comfort and tranquility to the most nervous or flat-out unruly patients. Vet Techs can often be found sitting with your beloved pet nurturing and nursing him or her through disease and accident issues, as well as the anxiety of being in a hospital environment. Specifically, they try to reduce your pet’s fear of an examination room, the treatment room, the operation room and the recovery area.

This week is an opportunity to send a special message of appreciation to your favorite Vet Tech. Remind them of the value they bring to the care and welfare of your pets, and show your appreciation for their great work.

To all the valuable and underpaid Vet Techs out there, have a wonderful and prosperous National Veterinary Technician Week. You deserve it!