7 Stories About Dogs That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

We love dogs because they’re cute, cuddly, and loyal companions. But we also love them for the shenanigans they get into. From stealing food, to hiding behind the sofa, to creating embarrassing moments for their owners in the middle of the street, we can’t get enough.

Following are 7 such “bad dog” chronicles that are too funny not to share:

1) Bacon-Stealer: Here’s an interesting story where a Labrador who used to pee on the telegraph pole every morning once decided to do something unexpected. One morning, he kept walking past the telegraph pole, past the border of owner’s property, up the neighbors’ driveway and through their dog flap in the side door to get into their home. What happened next? Well, the dog jumped right up to the table where the neighbor was eating his breakfast and ate the bacon off his plate. Certainly, the neighbor will never forget that day!

2) A Misandrist: A dog named Chula developed a strong dislike for all men following a burglary incident where she tried to jump through a double-paned window in an attempt to catch a man trying to break into the house. After that, she would create quite a challenge for every man the owner tried to date. Well, the door greetings must have been quite difficult for the boys!

Surprisingly, the same dog also helped the owner find the right match.

3) Sandwich-Thief: These owners were walking their dog when the dog noticed a family having a picnic and decided to spoil their day. Before even the owners realized their dog’s intentions, he jumped onto the strangers’ blanket, snatched the sandwich from their toddler’s hand and happily enjoyed the meal by the time the owners even reached him.

4) Pork-Ribs Lover: According to another interesting story, when a dog ate an entire rack of cooked pork ribs, he got to visit the vet. They gave him three different medicines to make him puke, but the dog was reluctant to do so. So, in the end, the veterinary staff decided to play helicopter with him, in order to give him some rounds. Fortunately, the dog liked the game but still, it took the entire staff spinning him for about 20 minutes to make him puke. What’s the funny part? Well, one of the staff puked before he did!

5) Posing Pup: A 4-month-old Chihuahua-mix was found wandering the streets and was brought to San Francisco Animal Care & Control. When the pup was having difficulty getting adopted, the shelter decided to set up a photo shoot with a volunteer photographer named Kelly Winquist to help the little guy find a new home. The pup looked so hilariously cute in the photographs that many people got inspired to visit the shelter and adopt the dog, even from distant places.

6) Lipstick Lover: Once, when a dog owner returned home, she noticed that her Great Dane had eaten a full tube of lipstick. She messed up the carpet, the door as well as her feet with the lipstick color that stayed intact for around a week or so.

7) Funny Sneezer: Saved the best for last! Watch this video of a dog who has the funniest sneeze ever. The dog went viral with a sneezing style that’s just too hilarious. In fact, one Reddit user commented, “Sounds like a Smart Car that won’t start.”