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The Siamese is one of the oldest and most famous cat breeds, with ancestral roots in Siam, known today as Thailand. In Victorian England it gained the nickname “Royal cat of Siam” and was highly favored for its striking looks and an elegant coat color. These cats are beloved for their intelligent and curious natures.

Brief History
For many centuries, travelers to ancient Thailand brought home art and manuscripts that depicted the Siamese in full stature. Their migration to the western lands began during the late 19th century when they were used as show cats, most notably at the London Crystal Palace cat show. From here, they were introduced to the states when a US diplomat stationed in Thailand gave President Rutherford B Hayes a Siamese cat as a gift.

Physical Features
The Siamese coat is perhaps one of its most unique physical features for its color and glossy appearance. There are two types of Siamese cats: traditional and show. Traditional Siamese cats have apple shaped heads while show Siamese cats have wedge-shaped heads with ears that are large and triangular in shape. The show Siamese has a tubular body with long legs and flat paws. Both have striking almond-shaped blue eyes that sparkle with adoration and curiosity.

Average Height:
12-15 inches

Average Weight:
6-14 pounds

Life Expectancy:
11-15 years

Siamese cats are known to bond deeply with their owners and always want to be a part of any activity you do. Whether it be following you around the house, climbing into your lap or sharing your bed, this breed loves to be involved. Siamese cats are also known for being extremely vocal — they have opinions and love chirping back to their humans.

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Special Needs
Siamese tend to exhibit lots of beauty both inwards and outwards. Because of this, they are one of the most commonly-stolen cat breeds. Make sure to maintain close supervision when letting your Siamese cat outdoors.

Possible Health Concerns
Amyloidosis — when the amyloid protein is deposited in body’s organs, primarily the liver in Siamese cats.
Asthma/bronchial disease.
Congenital heart defects.
Siamese cats are generally very active. When left with other cats and animals, Siamese will join whatever activity the rest of the pets are involved in. They love to play.

Any cat-friendly diet, both home-prepared or commercially manufactured, should grow with the Siamese at all its ages. Siamese owners are also advised to check their diets when they get to adulthood. Fresh, clean water should also be available for them to drink.

The short Siamese coat is easy to groom and maintain. While they do shed, if you adhere to a strict grooming routine, it shouldn’t be too cumbersome. Comb the coat on a weekly basis using a stainless steel comb to remove any dead hair.

Siamese cats are ideal for owners who crave companionship and affection. They are highly intelligent, hyper-vocal, and love staying active.

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