Abyssinian cats get their name from the term Abyssinia which was a former name for Ethiopia. A breed with fine bone and elaborate pose Abyssinian cats never fail to impress us. They have a tabby yet multi-colored coat that gives them an intricate look and elegant appearance.

Brief History
There are many stories that surround the Abyssinian cat’s origins however many cat fanciers believe that this breed’s first ancestors were from parts of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean coast. Traders within these regions were accredited for the cat’s migration into other continental parts such as Arabia and Africa. Some breeds said to be in the Abyss genetic background are Russian Blues, Burnese and Siamese. During the 19th century the breed became famous in Great Britain with belief that British soldiers deployed in various parts of Africa and Asia brought it back home by the end of their expeditions.

Physical Features
The Abyssinian is quite slender but with fine bone and an average body size. They have almond shaped eyes that glare with expression while their ears are large and tend to be pointed with alertness. A kitten Abyssinian is born with a dark coat that lightens with age and as they proceed into adulthood their coats become soft, silky to the touch and ideally fine but close lying and dense.

Average Height:
8-10 inches

Average Weight:
8-12 pounds

Life Expectancy:
9-15 years

Abyssinians are generally friendly in nature showing affection for kids and other pets. They are also playful, dislike being lonely or in boring environments and can make good therapy pets thanks to this appeal. As for the family an Abyssinian’s affection is averagely placed meaning that they neither love nor hate to belong to a particular grouping. Everything they do is done willingly and with enthusiasm making them one cat breed that knows how to live every second of their life to the fullest. Any activity, be it play, climbing, jumping or running is done with energy and passion.

oriental shorthair cat
Special Needs
The Oriental Shorthair does not like to be left alone. This cat also needs to be entertained regularly. This means that they need to have some form of entertainment whenever they are awake and around the house. The cat requires interaction as part of daily maintenance.

The Oriental Shorthair is an active cat, and will play fetch, learn tricks and enjoy time with kids. They will get along with other cats and dogs as well.

Possible Health Concerns
If maintained well, the Oriental Shorthair is generally a healthy cat. It is important to note that they may inherit some genetic diseases and conditions that are characteristic of their parent breeds. Conditions that affect the Siamese cat or the Abyssinian can be inherited by the Oriental Shorthair. These include Amyloidosis, crossed eyes or congenital heart defects. This cat may also develop gastrointestinal diseases, lymphoma, nystagmus or Hyperesthesia syndrome. Early diagnosis and treatment can go a long way in helping the Oriental Shorthair to recover from these conditions.

The Oriental Shorthair cat is an active pet. This means that they need regular exercise. The breed loves to jump from heights. Perches and cat trees come in handy for this type of exercise. They also appreciate toys. If successfully trained, the Oriental Shorthair can be taken for walks around the block on a leash.

The Oriental Shorthair’s fine fur coat requires combing every few weeks. This can be done using a soft bristle coat or a soft stainless steel brush that removes all dead hair. After brushing the cat’s coat, polish with a soft cloth so as to ensure that it shines. The cat’s teeth also need to be brushed once a week. This is so as to prevent periodontal disease.

Her eyes also need hygienic care. This can be facilitated with a soft, damp cloth to get rid of any discharge. The ears should also be cleaned regularly.

The Oriental Shorthair is a beautiful cat that was bred from exotic parentage. They are lively, loving and dedicated to their families. Always ready to play and provide friendship, the Oriental Shorthair is an ideal family cat.