Maine Coons are known as “gentle giants” or the “dogs of the cat world” because of their playful personalities and large size. They’re a favorite of the team and also our community. With their big statures and regal manner, it makes sense how well liked they are!

photos of Maine Coon cats

Just HOW regal, you ask? Don’t worry. We rounded up 11 photos from around the caternet (see what we did there?) so you could see for yourselves. Be warned, you might end up swearing an oath of service by the time you’re done.

We love these photos of Maine Coon cats:

  1. They know how to charge a battlefield.

2. Don’t even try challenging them to a staring contest (you will lose).

3. Their squad game is strong.

4. Did we mention they’re basically lions?

5. Dramatic breezes acquiesce to their commands.

6. They’re always surveying their kingdoms…

7. …or making thrones out of tree stumps.

8. (And stairs.)

9. They have the jaws of ROYALTY…

10. …and beauty mere mortals can only strive for.

11. So save yourself some time and bow down now.

Have a regal Maine Coon that deserves the spotlight? Tell us about them in the comments!