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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Ashburn Farm

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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Brambleton

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The Best Online Resources for Pet Owners

If you’re one of the 85 million American families that own a pet, you’ll be aware of the multitude of positives pet ownership can bring into your life. From teaching children about responsible ownership, to companionship, and to physical health benefits.

Whether you grew up with animals, looking to own your first pet, or if you’re currently a pet owner, there are a number of great online resources available to enhance your ownership.

For New Pet Owners

Before owning a pet, there’s some worthwhile research you can undertake on breeds and their requirements.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association, cats are the second most popular type of pet in America, after fish! Dogs are actually third. But as any owner will tell you, this animal can vary in personality and its demands. For those new to ownership, The Cat Fanciers Association offers comprehensive information into breeds and their history. It also provides links to pedigree and registered breeders.

Dogs, which are the third most popular pet, accounting for 74.8 million pets in the US, require greater attention than cats. To learn more, the American Kennel Club offers expert advice and can even connect you to responsible breeders in their dedicated marketplace.

There are 16 million bird owners in America. These beautiful and charming pets take more than just a cage and birdseed to look after! The American Federation of Aviculture offers courses for those wishing to learn more about bird owning; from conservation to breeding.

If you’re thinking of joining the 13.8 million horse owners in the country, be sure to check out the US Equestrian website, which provides useful insight. This includes learning videos, as well as background on breeds and disciplines.

If you’re undecided, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), provides detailed guides for selecting the right pet for your family. Including: cats, rabbits, dogs, birds, rodents, birds and more.

Resources for Current Pet Owners

Even established owners can brush up on their knowledge. Pets require much more than the basics of food, water and shelter for a happy and fulfilled life.

A good place to start is the AVMA, who offer helpful information about the day-to-day care and management of your beloved pet, whatever it might be.

If you’re looking to breed dogs, the American Dog Breeders Association is extremely helpful, outlining tips and best practices.

For cat owners looking to breed or learn more about their feline friends, the The Cat Fanciers Association is a helpful resource.

Pet MD is another place to turn for any questions or concerns about general pet health.

Pet Life Today is a free resource for pet owners. This is a good source to learn more about pet care and also to get advice. There’s even an option to ask the vet, to learn more about pet care questions you might specifically have.

The Humane Society of the United States has an extensive video library.

Finally, for more exotic breeds, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums offers details about animal care.

Pet owning is a big responsibility, whatever animal you decide to introduce to your family. But, you will be rewarded with unconditional love and companionship in return.

Learning more about your pet will enable you to understand their requirements and make the most out of your ownership for years to come.