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The Devon Rex is a cat that always delights in the company of its favorite person. Although small in size, they always want to be part of the activities going on. This is an ideal pet for lively families and environments.

Brief History
The Devon Rex has much of its history in the United Kingdom. They were discovered in 1959 by Beryl Cox of Buckfastleigh, Devon. This breed’s appearance may link it to the Cornish Rex but thanks to test mating both cat breeds are identified as separate and unique. Various cat breeds have these 3 types of coat hair: down hair, awn hair and guard hair. As for the Devon Rex, its coat hair is quite unusual since it has very little guard hair.

Physical Features
A Devon has an elfin face with large oval shaped yet impish eyes. Their bat-like ears are ever alert and appear larger on their heads. They are medium sized with slender bodies, and have flatter, cushion-like paws.

Average Height:
10-12 inches

Average Weight:
5-10 pounds

Life Expectancy:
9-15 years

Devon Rexes are loyal cats and once you gain their trust, they will always want your company. This breed has qualities that are more dog-like than feline like. If trained well, the Devon can politely act as a watch guard in your presence or absence. They love human company and tend to find human activities appealing to their instincts. As pets, Devon Rexes are affectionate to members of the family, kids, as well as other pets. They are also calm and polite when dealing with strangers and may allow an unfamiliar person to carry them, cuddle them and play with them.

devon rex cat
Special Needs
The Devon Rex, like many cat breeds, is vulnerable to various ailments. Another special need is with its grooming. These cats shed a lot and their coat needs regular care for it to stay healthy and shiny.

Possible Health Concerns
Devon Rex can suffer from various ailments and conditions common of most mixed-breed and pedigree cats. Some of these diseases and conditions are: Congenital hypotrichosis, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Malassezia dermatitis, Hip dysplasia, Urticaria pigmentosa and the Devon Rex myopathy.

Devons showcase an energy output that requires moderate activity. They love acting at their own will and if it should be exercise they want a routine that doesn’t limit their freedom to also take part in other activities. Exercise to a Devon is not an obligation and as an owner, don’t be surprised to see them spending time basking in the sun rather than climbing trees.

Any high quality cat food either home-prepared or commercially manufactured should be suitable for your pet Devon. Devons also love to dine with their human companions and sometimes they may walk away from what is served in their food plates just to taste what you have on your plate. Fresh and clean drinking water should be available at all times.

The Devon’s coat is quite dense and wavy in appearance. Although this cat sheds a lot, its coat isn’t hard to maintain. A quick grooming routine would be to gently brush your hand over its coat so that you remove any dead hairs. There are times when this cat sheds a lot and there also times when it sheds less. If you notice too much shedding it’s wise to use gentle hand strokes while brushing through the coat. Once you are done, apply oil based moisturizer to protect the skin underneath. Regular baths are really not necessary but make sure you bath your cat at least once every week. Brush the Devon’s teeth regularly perhaps daily and if you don’t have this much time a weekly brush should be enough to keep away the periodontal disease that may occur if you never brush its teeth.

The Devon Rex is a cat with an ever loyal attitude. These cats can blend in well with big upbeat families as well as small ones. People who perhaps live alone can also benefit from the Devon’s company.