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15 Pets in Holiday Pajamas That Will Put You in the Spirit

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If the holidays give us permission to do anything, it’s to get in some comfy pajamas, snuggle up with a loved one and/or furry friend and relax. Below, check out some of our favorites photos of pets in holiday jammies:

1) So sleepy, so festive.

2) Hello, it is me, Holiday Dog™️


3) Just LOOK at this happy pup family!


4) And these very good, patient bois.


5) And this holiday snacker.



6) Or this guy who’s trying not to be a grinch in disguise.


7) Such a model!


8) “Hullo, I love you and I am so excite for FESTIVITIES.”


9) Sure, these guys might be a little over it, but they’re TRYING okay?


10) Others have accepted their strengths and made it work for them.


11) Like this good boi.


12) And this cutie pie.


13) So even if at first they feel like this…


14) or this…


15) in the end, it’s all worth it for the fam.


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