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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Ashburn Farm

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Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun: Brambleton

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Even though we might dream of a dog breed that won’t leave a trail of hair on furniture and clothes, there’s no such thing as a truly non-shedding or hypoallergenic dog. All mammals shed hair.  If allergies are a concern, it isn’t the hair that is the problem, but rather the dander and saliva from the dog breed.

Airedale Terrier dog breeds that don't shed


That being said, there are types of dog breed that produce a lower-than-average volume of hair loss.


Yorkshire Terrier — Affectionately called the Yorkie, this sweet-natured black and tan terrier typically ranges from five to seven pounds, though some may grow larger. Yorkie hair is soft to the touch, and though they shed very little, this breed does require regular grooming. They have hair, not fur, which is why they are characterized as non-shedding dogs. 

Airedale Terrier (above) — On the larger end of the terrier scale, the largest actually, is the Airedale. They tip the scales at around 35-55 pounds. They’re intelligent and require a daily session (or two) of aerobic exercise. Their wiry black and tan coats and distinctive beards make them a standout among other dogs of their size, and need daily grooming. They only shed certain times of year.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier (left) — This medium-sized terrier has a calm, even temperament and is considered a good choice for a family dog. The Wheaten has a charming disposition and can adapt to apartment living as well as a home in the country. They shed very little, but their coats should be brushed every day.

Italian Greyhound — Italian greyhounds are intelligent, quiet, and loyal. They have a coat that is tight, smooth, and flat. They don’t shed much, but are delicate dogs and tend to be fragile. They will get cold and appreciate having a sweater to wear.

Standard Poodle — The Standard Poodle is the Einstein of the dog world, with an IQ that is rivaled only by the Border Collie. Like all poodles, the Standard was originally used for hunting, especially ducks. The curly coat is made of hair, not fur, and doesn’t shed.

Bedlington Terrier — The lamb-looking Bedlington is a small, wooly-coated dog that doesn’t shed much. It weighs under 25 pounds and is ideal for an apartment lifestyle. It has a moderate activity level and makes a great watchdog, barking enthusiastically at intruders, in true terrier form.

Havanese (right) — The Havanese originated in Cuba and was saved from extinction by some devoted breeders during wartime. They are fun, bright, happy little dogs. They have a shaggy appearance but are touted as hypoallergenic. They need to be groomed daily but don’t shed.

Bouvier Des Flandres — The Bouvier originated in France, and is a big-hearted, goofy clown. Traditionally their ears and tails are cropped. Their hair does require grooming or it will grow out like a sheepdog’s, but doesn’t shed. These dogs are is a loyal companions for families, and great watchdogs as well.

Chinese Crested — The hairless variety of this dog breed is considered hypoallergenic. He requires mild exercise, thriving in his role as a lap dog. He likes to be warm, flourishing if outfitted in a sweater. The skin is prone to sunburn and should be covered.

Shih Tzu — The Shih Tzu boats a long, furry coat and a thick undercoat. These dogs need regular grooming but shed very little. They typically weigh from nine to 16 pounds. The Shih Tzu is an outgoing dog with a friendly and happy temperament.

Do you have a dog that doesn’t shed? Share pictures in the comments! And visit to find a vet near you