Keeping Your Home Clean with Pet Grooming and Cleaning Tips

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Have A Pet? Here’s How To Keep Your House Clean

We all love our pets. After all, they make great companions and keep us entertained with their silly actions and cutest stare. However, these naughty creatures definitely don’t care about the look and feel of your home, and keep messing around no matter what you say. From doggie footprints on your couch, and dirt and debris on your carpets, to fur and hair everywhere around the home, you definitely can’t stop them from doing what they want. But this doesn’t mean that you can do absolutely nothing to improve the appearance of your home.

Following are a few ways that will help you keep your house clean when you have pets:

1)     Keep your pets clean: Certainly, the foremost step to keeping your house clean is to keep your pets clean in the first place. Set up a pet grooming routine. Give them a proper shampoo wash regularly, preferably once a month. To clean the daily mess, you can give them a quick wash using plain water. Depending on the dog breed, it may also require trimming or de-shedding from time to time. Consider using a professional dog groomer for a thorough job instead of doing it on your own. Grooming services include shampooing, toweling, air drying, nail clipping, brushing, and specific haircuts if required.

2)     Use an automatic vacuum: No matter how hard you try to keep your pets clean, they can still create a mess and spread things around while playing. So, it becomes important to vacuum your home more frequently, in fact constantly. Certainly, this is almost impractical when you have several other household chores to do. This is when you can take the help of an automatic vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum. Running robot vacuum at scheduled times will not let dog hair, dirt, leaves, and other debris sit in your house for long.

3)     Stock up basic cleaning supplies: If you have pets, stock up on basic cleaning supplies and keep them handy when it comes to getting rid of all the mess. Some include cleaning wipes, soap/detergent, disinfectant, odor neutralizer, stain remover, pooper scooper, disposable bags and general cleaning supplies such as buckets, mops, brooms, trash bags, washing puppy blankets, laundry detergent and more. Lint brushes or tape rollers are other perfect tools for keeping your lamp shades, curtain and furniture upholstery clean. In fact, you’ll need to stock a lot of these if you have pets in your home.

4)     Clean your pet’s things regularly: Everything that your pet uses, be it pet beds, collars, crates or toys, can develop strong odors over time. Clean all pet things regularly. If some of those things aren’t machine-washable, wash them with your hands. But, never ignore this job. After washing everything with soapy water, allow them to dry outside in the sun to remove bad odor.

5)     Remove pet stains as soon as possible: Don’t let pet stains sit for very long on your carpets or furniture upholstery, otherwise, they would be quite difficult to remove later on. Use a thick layer of paper towels and newspapers to remove fresh spots. Rinse and blot the area with cold water until clean. Don’t use cleaning chemicals with a harsh odor, as this may lead to the pet wanting to reclaim the area with its scent. For areas that have already been sitting for too long, the best way to clean efficiently is often with a wet vac, which can be rented. You can call professional residential cleaning services as well if you want to save your time and effort.

6)     Invest in durable and stain-resistant materials: To avoid torn carpets and a dirty couch, choose decor made of durable, sturdy materials. For example, indoor or outdoor rugs have a low pile that doesn’t wear out easily and can be washed down easily if any mess occurs. Moreover, consider using stain-resistant fabrics in high traffic areas like the living room whenever possible. They are easier to maintain and clean.

These were some of the useful tips that will help keep your home looking and feeling fresh always. However, some of the best cleaning tips have are “preventative.” For example, you can place covers or slips on your couches or simply not let your pets jump on your expensive furniture to prevent them from being ruined in the first place.

In the end, make sure that whatever cleaning product you use is safe, and that it won’t be rubbed on or ingested by your pet. If that happens, call your veterinarian right away.